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When the owners hired Design Northwest to design a remodel for this now graceful, outreaching waterfront home, it was a vintage though structurally damaged 1904 farmhouse. The program called for a complete renovation changing the dark, one and a half story gable roofed farmhouse into a contemporary structure taking full advantage of the sweeping waterfront views.

Remodeling projects frequently have inherent limitations due to the existing structural systems. At Design Northwest, in addition to our design capabilities we are able to perform in-house structural engineering and have a principal who has been a custom home builder since his high school days. When the designers of any project, whether it be new construction or remodeling, approach a project holistically; that is, from the design, structural and the carpenter’s point of view, the landscape of possibilities broadens considerably. Furthermore, this broad scope approach insures that the design concepts will work well and economically in the field. This, rather unusual, multiple tiered approach to the design and detailing of projects is an inherent aspect of Design Northwest’s work that we are very proud of.

This approach allowed us to work with, rather than against the elements of the existing farmhouse. We developed a design reflecting the owners’ request for an open, contemporary home that reached out to and connected with the waterfront. The cantilevered decks, ubiquitous glazing and use of fully glazed French doors handsomely accomplishes the owners’ wishes.

The interior has been opened into a bright multi-level public area with built-in window seats, skylights, oak floors and two high efficiency fireplaces. The private area includes four bedrooms, a library, a family room and three bathrooms. The master bedroom bathroom has its own sun deck and a custom shower enclosure.

The complete renovation of this 1904 farmhouse is an excellent example of Design Northwest’s capacity for excellent and harmonious design solutions. Design solutions that work in the real world of structural engineering and carpentry as well as in the world of beauty.

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