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The site for this restaurant is in the commercial area of an older Seattle neighborhood. While surveying other restaurants in the Seattle area, our client repeatedly expressed his desire for his new building to "reflect the neighborhood".

After consultations Design Northwest and the client elected to interpret the concept literally with an exposed structure clad in reflective glass. At certain times of day the glimmering, mirrored building becomes nearly invisible literally reflecting the neighborhood.

This design highlights a frequently used Design Northwest feature: exposing and highlighting a buildings structure. The resulting high tech truss and curtain wall structure created an elegant visual solution and can reduce construction costs as well.

While not a primary design element, the building also incorporates passive solar concepts. The reflective glass admits natural light and heat into the building, which is retained in the thermal mass of the floors, walls and countertops. Tile floors laid over the structural slab add to the thermal mass of the building.

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