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A contemporary earth sheltered passive solar home from Design Northwest, the multi-story Manzanita residence uses solar energy for heating and lighting.

Video Presentation - This short video presents the case for earth sheltered passive solar communities, specfically for this project and in general for varying climactic conditions. Watch our video presentation...

Project Vision - Design Northwest's proposal for a pioneering model community includes quality, affordable, highly energy efficient passive solar homes. Read about the project vision...

Design Concepts - Our preliminary conceptual designs for the neighborhood include single and multiple family homes, constructed on one or two levels. View our design concepts for the project...

Informational Brochure - Design Northwest is looking forward to meeting partners to build on the relationships and research we have already undertaken. Register to download the complete project information...

Passive Solar FAQ - Answers to frequently asked questions about passive solar design and construction, as well as the inclusion of earth sheltering. Learn more...

Manzanita residence
Manzanita residence
Vashon Dental Clinic
With its highly efficient use of solar energy, the Vashon Dental Clinic, Design Northwest’s pioneering earth sheltered passive solar building required only $70 to heat and cool during its first year of operation.

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