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The Harmony Magnet Academy, sited in a community of largely substandard, low cost housing, is a school that is nationally recognized for its excellence. This highly acclaimed school is running at less than full capacity due to lack of affordable family housing nearby.

We propose to design a pioneering model community directly across the street from this school; pioneering in design, energy use, and in its direct relationship with The Harmony Magnet Academy.

Our vision includes quality, affordable, highly energy efficient passive solar homes. Design Northwest's preliminary conceptual designs for the neighborhood include single and mult-family homes constructed on one or two levels.

By incorporating our time tested passive solar design concepts these homes will use very little energy for heating and cooling. Using conventional materials, such as reinforced concrete and prefabricated trusses, the buildings will be durable, require little upkeep, yet be very affordable to construct.

In addition to housing the design will include a community center, community greenhouses and shared open space. The site planning and housing layouts will incorporate concepts that facilitate communal and individual food production. It is envisioned that the community center and green houses will have programs involving the students attending the Harmony Magnet Academy. Student and family participation will be encouraged during the project's design and continued operation.

Manzanita residence
Manzanita residence
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